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What sports can I play on FireFan?FireFan icon

FireFan is first availiable for NFL football and MLS soccer!..For now. Following closely after the launch, FireFan will be ready for NBA basketball, baseball, cricket, hockey, golf, rugby, and tennis fans too. Also next year NCAA sports like college football & college basketball will be added to the list. So BIG THINGS are happening as we change the way the world watches their favorite games!

What Sports on FireFan

What languages will Firefan be in? Can I play with international friends?

We already have players pre-registered in over 190 nations even before the launch! The game will launch in English. Spanish will be added soon after the launch just like the other sports mentioned. Other languages will be added, as FireFan opens in the other markets worldwide. FireFan is being built to connect the fans of every sport possible, everywhere.

All sports will be in the same download of FireFan and will also support the various languages in the same version. If you want to follow different sports using FireFan, you can!

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Just like Facebook changed the internet, FireFan will change sports! Things that were impossible will soon become everyday moments in the lives of Billions of people! Think about that, Facebook will be Jealous! :-) We'll be involved in the game much more than mere spectators... plus fans will be communicating and even competing against their childhood heroes or current superstars in ways we never imagined. Hundreds of pro-athletes are already part of this and anxious to play with you!