Player Loyalty Rewards

Long Term FireFan Player Rewards

FireFan Long Term Loyalty Rewards

Play FireFan and earn loyalty reward points each time you play. Imagine your local smoothie shop where you get your card stamped for every purchase and after 10 you receive a freebie! Kinda similar concept because FireFan is following the letter of the law to ensure that gambling is never an issue to interfere with the way FireFan is changing the way the world enjoys sports! Wow, that's quite a statement! You'll see...

FireFan is to Sports what Facebook was to the Web! Yep, it's that big. So play with us, have fun, invite your friends and be part of the journey as sports entertainment surges into the future!

So, the points determine your ranking against friends or Superstards while achieving higher player status ranks. So you definitely want high points and all the bragging rights that come along with them! But Player Loyalty Rewards determine your prize options and the value of those prizes.