Play FireFan Free

Play FireFan FREE!... ALL of it!

Some parts of FireFan are free but now all. We'll show you how to freeplay ALL!
  1. Download FireFan for Free
  2. Engage the Social Areas for Free
  3. Play Pre-Game Mode for Free
  4. Play Live-Play Mode for Free

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1. FireFan is a free to download but you must have a Player Access Code. The Access Code MVPme is also a Bonus Rewards Code which gives you free tokens.

2. The social area of FireFan is a blast. Talk smack with your friends, colleagues, other sports fans, & even our list of MVP Hall of Famers or current athletes & Superstars! This area is free to play as you share killer emojis and see live game updates right in your chat feed so you don't miss a second!

3. FireFan has 2 modules of play during your live event. One is the Pre-Game Analyst Mode where you predict analyst type questions like...

- What will the final score be?
- Will the Bengals throw for more than 250 yards?
- How many homers will the Red Sox have?

Pre-Game Analyst Mode is also free for anyone to play!

4. Live-Play Mode is where you watch the live sporting event and make calls in FireFan throughout the live game by answering questions proposed by FireFan based on the action and circumstances on a drive-by-drive and play-by-play basis! Questions like...

- It's 4th & 2 on the 35! Will the Broncos punt, kick a field goal, or go for it?
- How many runs will the Celtics score in the final 2 minutes?
- Will the Padres make this batter the 3rd out?

So this mode is really exciting as you make a call and see the results literally seconds later! The Live-Play Mode is not free, but you can still play it for free!

THAT'S RIGHT! Every aspect of FireFan can be Free if you know how!

Request our free Play Guide to get the inside scoop on how to Play ALL of FireFan for Free so you can show your friends and enjoy sports like never before!