How to Play FireFan Sports App

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How to Make your Picks in FireFan!

How to Play FireFan Sports App

Yes, FireFan will change sports as you know it!

Wish you could compete in your favorite sports again! Now you can! Nick Lowery (All-time Leading Scorer) of the Kansas City Chiefs said that FireFan gives a way to be competitive again in the game that he loves and with the fans that he loves!

He'll be actually playing and chatting with his fans while watching live games on TV and seeing who can call the plays the best - predict the score - predict the next play - predict player stats! He can play by himself, with friends, with superstar athletes, or even play in a league.

Your team is 4th & 2 on the 35! Will they go for it, kick a field goal, or punt! You have 10 seconds to Make the call! Watch the play & see who wins!

Watch your score increase to climb the leaderboard and pass your friends, heroes & current sports Superstars! Let 'em know how they're eatin' your dust in the app's social area where all those playing along with you can talk smack while getting live game updates in the chat feed so you don't miss a thing!

Oh YEAH! Gameday Will Never Be The Same!

Most of FireFan is free to play, but the live interactive part which is the most exciting does require tokens. However, you can even play this mode for free if you know how. You can earn free tokens a few different ways, but for those who really love their sports and need LOTS of tokens, we've got a FireFan Play Guide to show you how to get the most tokens possible so much more, if not ALL, of your playtime can be completely free! Get your FireFan Play Guide here.

The creators of FireFan have designed many incentives within the app to keep true sports fans coming back again and again because it is "A Better Way to Play!" Things like the competition with friends & Superstars, the fun of social media, the points system to even compete against yourself, and who can forget the awesome Player Loyalty Rewards!

Learn to Play FireFan Live Sports App Game


-The app will go live November 21st! FireFan icon

- There will be token subscriptions options to get them at a discount if you don't choose the Free options.

- There will be an ad page in the app. There will be numerous ads with numerous options for numerous amounts of tokens available to you each day. Some might be to watch a quick commercial, some might be a survey for more tokens and some might be offers from stores or companies such as "come buy something from us and we will give you 20% of that value back in tokens" (those are just hypothetical examples)

- There will be a section called "Moments" in each game. Basically it will be live updates in pictures from sideline photographers of the action going on. Beyond the game, this app will replace any kind of gamecast that you might have used in the past to follow a game that you couldn't watch live. If you were stuck somewhere without a TV, you can use this to keep up with what is going on in the game better than anything used before.

- Players will buy tokens inside the app store. You can buy and store up to a 1000 but if you're ordering a 1000 each month make sure you use them before you get the next 1000.

- The cost to play a game live is 12 tokens and you can play for free with just answering the pre-game questions.

- NOT Every feature will be available next week at launch. Bromoji's for example are not ready, but they will be soon. They decided that we would be happy with the game as it is right now, but it will always evolve and improve. - like facebook.

- Emails will be sent to all pre-registered players to let them know the game is ready for download.

=============The GAME:=============

- You can change your pre game picks right up to kick off and can answer them days before by clicking on upcoming games.

- There are NO REWARDS for POINTS scored in the game. That would constitute gambling. A player simply earns status achievements and a pat on the back for being the best! Participation points are earned every time you play and can be redeemed for merchandise. The more you play the more you can redeem.

- You can play the game without watching it on TV!

- The graphics are amazing and it's very simple to navigate.

- There is a chat feature to interact with your friends and celebrities in your event.

- There will be an MVP page listing celebs and their events so you can join in and play