FireFan Rewards Codes

FireFan Rewards Code / Access Codes

You'll need the code to become a FireFan Player...

Access + Rewards Code = MVPme
Limited Time: Code Includes Bonus Tokens

1. Activate the Code here

2. Go to the Android or Apple App Stores
& search "FireFan". Install the app.
firefan app store

3. During setup, if asked for a Rewards Code, enter "MVPme" to receive free tokens & other in-app benefits.
4. Complete profile setup. When it asks to Join a League, look through the options. If you're wanting one with many players & lots of fun activity, you can join us! Just use the League Search tool and find " 911ZONE "911Zone FIreFan League

FireFan Player Codes

Now you can even Watch the FireFan Demo to get a feel for the game and understand just a few of the different areas like...


  • Live Play Calling
  • Pre-game Analyst Calls
  • Athlete Stats Page
  • Team Game Schedules
  • Player Chat & Social Area
  • Player Dashboard
  • My Leagues
  • Redemption Center
  • Friends List
  • MVP List - Athletes & Superstars to play with
  • Moments - action shots on the field during the game
  • Leaderboards - list of players & scores
  • My Picks - list of picks you have made & the results
  • Buy Tokens - if you're not in the mood for free ones