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Creating leagues in FireFan is a huge way to grow your existing business or just have fun! If you have a sports bar, a social club, a softball team, numerous employees, a group of college buddies, who knows the connections you might have, but FireFan is the coolest way to get groups together for fun like never before! Join an existing league or create your own.

Even if some aren't sports fans, this Game Within the Game creates an atmosphere that even Archie Bunker would love! Build commradery within your company or just pull new customers into your sports bar because FireFan creates social interaction where friends are created & friends invite friends to join in the fun!

Create FireFan Leagues To...

  • Regroup little league or other teams for fun weekly get togethers
  • Schools compete against rivals & build team spirit
  • Challenge the sports bar across town to build patron loyalty
  • Let your charity use a league to invite others & draw cause awareness
  • Create a league for your favorite team just to build a network
  • For employees to come together - forget work & just have fun

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