What is FireFan?

What is FireFan?

Free FireFan TokensFireFan is a Live Interactive Sports App! It is The Game Within the Game!

FireFan is a phone app which interacts with your favorite live sporting events in a way that lets you in on the competitive fun of the sport with your friends or even superstar athletes!

Remember all those times when the Monday morning quarterbacks came out with their shoulda, coulda, woulda's? And their solution was always better than yours, right! No more - now they have to prove it!

FireFan lets you and those you invite to play with you actually predict the
, the scores, and the stats in a way that tally's your scores to see who is really the ultimate fan! Call Pre-Game Analysts scenarios before the live
sporting event begins and continue throughout the game with Live-Play Calls where you have 10 seconds to make the call before watching it live on the field or TV to see who got it right!

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Climb up the leaderboard over your friends or even compete with Superstar athletes and Hall-of-Famers to see how you truly stand up! While their talkin' smack in the FireFan chat area, you can show 'em who the grand daddy really is! Along the way, earn Player Loyalty Rewards which can be redeemed for prizes including hats, jerseys, electronics, airfare, and even tickets to HUGE games!
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You can play all major sports including football, rugby, soccer, baseball, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, table tennis, mma fighting, golf... even NASCAR.

See the FireFan demo videos here.

The Time Has Come...

FireFan came from an idea that Jeff Hendersen had 15 years ago: a game for true sports fans! A game where fans could just have fun cheering for their favorite teams but adding a fun competition to the excitement - a level higher than the normal trash talk of unsubstantiated claims - a Game Within the Game!

Add to that the social media aspect of being able to bump elbows with sports superstars & Hall of Famers... FireFan is more than anyone dreamed it would be! Of course that long ago, we didn't have the technology for live play-by-play calling via a smarphone app, but the long wait is over. Having a team with talent like former EA Sports Madden Football designer, Mark Mongie, behind the app development makes it unparalleled.

The pre-launch success has led to NFL, MLB & other pro leagues calling United Games asking if they can be a part of the momentous shift in sports fan engagement! FireFan is clearly in the driver's seat as pre-lauch views are eclipsing 100 million and putting the sports, gaming, & app worlds on notice!

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